How an Artist Fell in Love with Money

I love $

Five steps that shifted my financial beliefs as an Artist and Mother

This is THE most personal post I have ever shared by far and it’s the first one of 2015.  I’m starting the year with this topic because one; the term Starving Artist has always rubbed me the wrong way and it’s a myth that needs to be broken, and two; the last few years got me digging deep to change the results I wanted to see in my life going forward.  As an independent mother AND artist (Independent mother sounds much better then single mother, thanks B!) I am supporting two daughters to be successful in the Business of Their Lives, Financial Peace and Art had to fall in love, not clash. They had to learn to work together, building on each other’s strengths in a mutually supportive way. Woah, Ah-ha and OMG how does THAT work?

My Shifting Beliefs

  1. Self-Worth

It literally is a love story. Like the Journey Back to my Art, the Journey to Financial Peace comes from a place of deep understanding that starts with self-worth.  My relationship with money was only as healthy as my relationship with myself, and even the men in my life.  Yes, there were serious life circumstances that played a BIG role in where I ended up.  However, the biggest realization was that those challenges showed up as friends showing me the way to something much greater.

  1. The Big Why

Understanding my big WHY also had a huge impact in how I valued my own contributions, big and small.  Remaining in the flow, staying grounded, and knowing that at this very moment, someone, somewhere, needs precisely what I have to offer really opened my eyes. Your words, your love, your compassion, your services, your “simply BEING” is a gift to someone.  It is your responsibility to share that with the world.  Lives change because of it.

  1. Value

In my not so distant past, putting a dollar sign next to a heart was nearly impossible.  Money meant control, control meant love.  I felt suffocated and I avoided looking at money straight in the eye, out of fear.  I just knew that if I was really, really good, money would always be there to take care of my needs.  That toxic belief depleted my soul, my relationships (including the one with myself) and my bank account in the process.  Sounds simple but toxic relationships with money, health, food, substances, spirit or yourself, suck precious life energy out of you.  This was a major leak!

These days, understanding the VALUE of who I really am when I wake up in the morning and walking out the door as myself every day, makes that dollar sign and that heart look so darn good together!

  1. Feed Your Soul

I understood the true value of my life offerings by doing my healing work and by finding my voice again through my creative whispers. Nurturing my soul became a priority and by working through the layers of my life, back out through the layers of my art, my way of BEING changed.  I wasn’t only expressing someone else’s ideas anymore; I was expressing what showed up from a place I had never accessed before. I had to be “cracked” open for my creativity to reach in and transform my soul offering.  It’s like taking your first breath all over again.

  1. Be Seen

Be your imperfect self, right out in the open!  Right here, right now, as you are and where you are.  Share your wins, your challenges, ask the questions, show your passions, and let your heart speak.  From the mountain tops, in the fresh air, under the rain; let your creative self spill over into the world.  It’s your song to sing!

Now what?

Artist or not, Money is there to support my daughters and I in being successful in the Business of Our Lives.  In a successful creative life, art and money not only have to survive together; they have to thrive in reaching the common goal of being all that they can be through a trustworthy partnership.

… And this is how this Artist and Mother fell in love with Money. They are now learning and growing together and looking forward to a most abundant life.

So here it is, perfectly imperfect.  If this speaks to you, remember to share or leave a comment. Your Art. Your Life. Your Story. This is money through the mixed media layers of art and life for you!


6 thoughts on “How an Artist Fell in Love with Money

  1. I’m struggling with finding the mix of what I love, creativity, and making money. I don’t have any answers or suggestions, but talking about money on an artist blog makes sense to me.

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