Turn life on its head and shine!

Journal 08 001

“I want peanut butter with a toast under it!”

– Anonymous 3 yrs. old

What wisdom!  Such a profound way to show how “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” (Wayne Dyer)

A late night walk with a dear friend and great conversation turned into an illuminated moment.  The intention was to celebrate and share the abundance and growth of the past year and to open our hearts to what’s to come.  With the stars peeking through cloudy skies and the soothing rhythm of the ocean at our feet, the fall equinox carried with it yet another message of growth and love.

Our talk bounced around and as our conversation grew deeper, I ended up sharing a challenging experience.  This particular incident asked of me that I be less of what I am and more of something that I am not.  I was asked to dime my light.  I couldn’t be less of me and stooping down left me feeling inadequate, small and under appreciated because I couldn’t give THEM what THEY needed.  With greater awareness, by turning the experience on its head, the whole experience became something that left me feeling bright, vibrant and uplifted!

The voice of wisdom (who also happens to be my friend’s voice) said; in refusing to ‘up their game’ to meet you where you are (because it would mean facing some pretty heavy stuff about themselves) they just showed you how bright you shine.  When we are ready to receive, the shift happens. Uninvited challenges, people and situations are reminders of just how bright we shine.

Meet YOURSELF where you shine the brightest!