Engaging with the Heart

“We are always changing the world, because the world is always changing.  The question becomes… How are you going to influence that change?” – Nathalie


Heart Meditation, mixed media on canvas 8″x 8″ by Nathalie Dignard

Of the three pieces submitted for The Anonymous Art Show 2013, this one came back… a little damaged.  I fixed it and here it so I can share it with you…another small steps with big intentions!  It was a happy little project and it made my heart smile.  The other two paintings are part of the show.  Hooray!

I titled it “Heart Meditation” because it pulls me into the core of who I am. Shinning, vibrant, pulsating with the breath of life.  This is where the seeds of my intentions are planted and where I am reminded to be patient with myself, where I am reminded to be kind and loving.

Some seeds need more time to grow; other seeds need more water, more sun, and more warmth.  Others need to stay in the ground for a season or two.  You may not see change with the naked eye (yet) but the heart knows.  The seed has been planted.  Let it grow.  Let it go.