How Heart Art Transforms Lives



(Mixed Media collage on 8 x 10 canvas board (in progress) by Nathalie Dignard)

Mixed Media changes me. It is a playground mirroring my life where I truly learn to ‘work with it’. It is a story that unfolds and every time I look at it, I see something new. So much is revealed through the layers and so much can be covered up… if I so choose. The way colours dance in and out of each other and the way textures leave their marks keep me in the NOW. It’s a meditation, a whisper of new possibilities in the unfolding of a butterfly’s wings.

Take it as far as you want to take it! Look for clues, listen to your intuition and build, REbuild and grow. Get your hands dirty and let your personality fly across the canvas to tell its story, YOUR story. If it means something to your soul, it means something to another. The Art of You is also the art of people LIKE you. It’s a hand that reaches out to someone in need, a colour that brightens someone’s dark day, a soft voice in someone’s ear telling them to keep at it because they are creating something truly beautiful, even if they don’t know it yet. HEART to ART, you learn to connect what seems unrelated, you integrate and you ELEVATE. Observers experience themselves through the expression of you.

Growing stronger creative wings lets you sail across stronger winds! Be proud. You allowed your life to get messy and you allowed yourself to believe that you have all it takes to pull it all together. The pendulum rocks back and forth as you become your art and your art becomes you…and you become more of life, more of you.

No excuses Heart Art, your turn!

Pick up a pen, a blank page, a post it, a marker, a highlighter, or a lip stick even! Close your eyes for just 5 minutes and dive in! Express something, anything, and let it go touch the world.  (Like a boomerang, it may touch your life back in return.)

Share with someone who’s ready for a creative soul lift, Heart to Art.  Write your comments below!