Do What You Love


(Collage-mixed media, Drawing Outside the Mind with Mary Shaughnessy and Sarah David at AFK Studio)

“Do What You Love and it Will Love You Back”

I read these words on a bag displayed in a little shop in Gastown here in Vancouver after I had brunch with two inspiring girlfriends I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I was still high on the feel good feelings and these words reflected exactly where I was at in my life, creative and otherwise. (Now I have an excuse to go back to the shop to credit the maker of this simple, yet fabulous find…I’ll update the blog accordingly.)

This is what I am here to do…do what I love.  The last little push that got me started on this blog and on sharing my creative journey with the world was reading Kelly Rae Robertse-book Flying Lessons.  Although I can’t quite remember how I landed on her fabulously creative site, I purchased part one of the Flying Lessons Series, started reading it and answering questions about my very own creative business and it inspired me to allow that creative voice to come out loud and clear… ok, maybe not so clear, but taking a leap can be very scary (and equally exciting) and I am glad I did.  It makes me take myself seriously and it raises the bar.

Raising the bar for me also meant that it was time to dive back into what brings me to life.  That’s where the picture from this post comes from.  NOT taking care of my Artist was no longer an option.  Playing with colours and getting creative was a necessity.  AFK’s classes for Adults was a great place to start…or to continue rather!  Thanks to Mary Shaughnessy’s spunk and Sarah David’s bubbliness, my creative spirit soared in a workshop that left me feeling like a master!  What a great experience to play with your passions alongside such vibrant personalities.

The dream is no longer in the ‘dreaming’ state but in the ‘doing’ stage.  There is nowhere to hide and there is a whole lot of discovering to do.  Take a leap, a jump, a step…and next thing you know, you are smack in the middle of it!


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