Creative Dreams



Starting where I am; right here, right now. June 2013.

(I am inspired here by an article about Julie Taymor by Claire Whitcomb found in a magazine who’s name I can’t recall.  I wrote about this article and the Spirit Journey in my first ‘serious’ writing notebook, a little red embossed treasure I bought in 2007… That was the beginning of the beginning!)

Like the Shaman who creates spirit journeys to cure, to help or get people through, I am creating this blog to inspire and be inspired.  By sharing my IMAGINAL, I am taking one more step into a most rewarding creative life.  By swinging the doors wide open to my writing and my art, I invite you to a place of creative transformation, of creative growth and of creative love.

My Spirit Journey begins right here… In this garden, I am planting seeds and growing dreams. This is my intuitive journey back to my Artist Self.  The picture I share with you in this post represents that healing journey through the seasons of life.

Welcome to a Creative Blog with Big Intentions. (My first intention is to make friends with this blog! So much to learn.)