Soul Collective, 24″ x 36″ available for purchase | Inspired by wild turkeys!


Original Art by Nathalie Dignard

Soul Collective, 24 x 36 Acrylics and mixed media on Canvas by Nathalie Dignard

Soul Collective, 24 x 36
Acrylics and mixed media on Canvas
$575.00 (plus shipping)


Original Energy Art

It’s BOLD, it’s VIBRANT and it’s ALIVE, and it’s time for this painting to fly!   Let it release its magic in the world!  An inspiring conversation piece, vibrating to the energy of the first 3 chakras and waking up to divine creative power; is it for you? (See contact form below for purchase inquiries.)

The inspiration

Wild TURKEYS!?!  Yes, I was inspired by the wild turkeys roaming the snow covered landscape of the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.  Who would have thought!?


I kept seeing this army of wild turkeys in my mind and I finally asked my mom to send me a picture.  Many versions of this painting floated around in my head for years!  Then, one day its inner light started shining so bright I had to release it!  Layers of my life had to unravel before I could reveal such a powerful piece.  It was like hot lava inside waiting for the right moment!

The Creation Process

It was created with the simplest of tools, the edge of a plastic gift card!!! I used my hands to spread gel medium and yellow and pink/red acrylics on the canvas for the first layer.  The energy behind it left me breathless.  Really!  The result is an amazingly rich texture.  Love it!

Soul Collective_24 x 36_detail 02     Soul Collective_24 x 36_detail 03

Animal Spirits

Animal spirits have a strong presence in my work, along with the bright colours of the natural world.  They come to me in dreams and in mediation, quite unexpectedly.  I like to dive into their meaning and see what message they bring.  Here are the meanings of the many layers of this piece and how they can work in your life.

Wild Turkey

  • connection to earth’s abundance
  • time to show off our plumage (true self)
  • honouring nature and our sources of nourishments (physical, emotional and spiritual)
  • harmonious relationships with the land and with each other

Root Chakra (red)

  • Bring energy and vitality to your space, come alive!
  • Confidence in growing past your fears
  • Grounded, security and awareness of your physical body.

Sacral Chakra (orange)

  • Passion, pleasure, enjoyment and sexuality…need I say more?

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)

  • Bringing change into your life, personal strength and self-esteem.

Soul Collective (Title of the work)

  • Belonging or relating to all members of a group
  • Consciousness of unity

Put them all together and you get a profoundly intuitive piece that bridges the properties of these energies to raise the vibration of your own life.

If you hear the call of the wild…turkeys, it’s meant for you!   Let it be part of the daily ritual that calls forth your best life.  Let it be your reminder to say yes to life, every day!

Soul Collective_24 x 36_detail 01     Soul Collective_24 x 36_styling 01

Use the contact form below for more details.  Commission Co-Creations are also available.

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