Keeping an Open Heart Through Art

Open Heart_May 2016


It’s a great day when we get to create and recreate ourselves.

Open Heart

The possibility of CREATING and RECREATING ourselves is inserted in the layers of what I am sharing with you today.  It’s also present in every layer of your being, every cell, and every breath you take.  Immersed deep in the creation process, I realized I was entering a new phase and this is the piece that declares it.  This new phase is not about being cracked open anymore, it is about REMAINING OPEN, no matter what!  This piece is telling me to bring a whole new level of awareness to the present moment, and it whispers of ease and peace.  It also marks a new beginning for my blog and my creative life, and it provides a place to land for new dreams to take root and grow from. It all starts right here…with an open heart.

The Creative Process

What we need to hear is always inside of us, and in the art we create by simply being ourselves.  If we listen carefully, we can find every emotion and every song there.  All the colours of the world are made visible from the world unseen, like looking into a mirror at the soul of humanity.  With everything you create, and with every full breath you take, you make your essence visible as you sway with the magic of it all.  To me, art is the power of the unseen bravely experienced and beautifully alive.

Unfolding of the Layers


  1. Sharpie in hand, I repeated my mantra of the day on the canvas.  It was a good day and I was very trusting and open to what would eventually show up.  I didn’t like the first few layers very much and covered them with a white wash.  It was perfect to receive my intention.


2. This special heart was hanging from the chandelier for Mother’s Day with others of its kind, in all shapes and sizes.  All were magically made by my 6 year old!  I was looking for something bold and powerful to contrast with the writing.  Trusting my intuitive process, I knew there was a message there to be heard.


3. The heart imprint left on the drop clothe after the cutout was sprayed a deeper red. Don’t we all leave a little bit of who we are behind wherever we go?  The cutouts perfectly express transparency and having the courage to take risks to follow your own heart whispers.


4. Finding your place.  I love the outline of the heart done with the smudged lines of a Stabilo pencil.  Like our bodies being part of the space that surrounds us, there are no hard edges but energy weaving its way between our heart and the heart of creation.


Hinging on Love

In the end, everything hinging on LOVE.  Love of others, and most importantly, SELF-LOVE.  The hardware I collected over the years, and over many moves, tie everything together perfectly and bring meaning to a piece that reminds us to keep our heart fully open as we invite the next best version of ourselves in.

All in the details


The art you create or the art you look at every day can be a powerful reminder to encourage you to take action towards a most authentic life.

Open Heart_May 2016



Open Heart by Nathalie Dignard

12″ x 16″ mixed media on canvas (slim, unframed)


Use the contact form below for details or if you have any questions.  Shipping not included in the price. Commission and Co-Creations are also available. Remember to sign up for this blog to receive inspiration and updates right to your email.