Mythology of my Youth; Horse or Pegasus

Taming the Dreams…

Intuitively, my horse knew who I was when I was a simple black dot dancing on the horizon.  He had the slightly annoying habit of jumping over the fence to graze in my neighbours’ luscious green gardens.  I would go out looking for him like one goes out looking for a lost dog, calling his name at the top of my lungs.  I was 16 and that horse was my birthday present!

Lightning_Before Pics 002

(2-year-old unbroken Quarter Horse in need of TLC…and positive visualization!)

When I was out looking for him, once he spotted me, he would start running towards me at Lightning speed (conveniently, I named him Lightning).  That’s when my heart would start racing right along with him.  And racing it did!  There was nowhere to hide in the open field (and hiding in the ditch wasn’t the safest option either) surely, he was going to run right through me if I didn’t move out-of-the-way.  That was enough to make my Anne of Green Gables red braids stand on end à la Pippi Longstocking (I’ll save the hidden gifts of cruel childhood teasing for another day).

As Lightning (my horse) got closer and closer to me, I would hold my breath (while wishing really, really, REALLY hard that a tree would suddenly take root by my feet so I could climb up quickly enough to avoid being trampled over) and then, after the last of my freckles ran for cover (leaving my face a rather pale shade of white) and after the thunder of his hoofs settled, he would be standing right there, inches in front of me, huffing and puffing (and rather proud of himself).  There it was; the beat of my own HEART in my ears… LIFE!

Lightning_After Pics 002

(Ta-dah!  Imagination, Compassion and Love = Winged Pegasus)

INSPIRATION and CREATIVE DREAMS are a like that; they KNOW who you are and they can’t wait to PLAY with you again.  They make your heart beat, they make you feel ALIVE and they make you CONNECT to the greater POWER of the UNSEEN.

Your DREAMS may be like an unbroken horse.  You have to get on them to tame them, cajole and NURTURE them. They are JUST as CURIOUS about you as you are about them.  In a MAGIC moment, when you start from the heart, they quietly lift you up and you realize you are FLYING… on a winged Pegasus of your own making!

Nathalie xoxo