My Creative Life…a Moment of Transformation


You know THAT moment when you realize that EVERYTHING you need to SUCCEED is RIGHT HERE, right NOW?  That moment when you KNOW everyone who is part of your DREAM, and every piece needed to REALIZE that dream, exist right here with YOU?

This moment is amazingly SCARY, pleasantly TERRIFYING even.  Yikes!  This moment is also pure BLISS, pure YOU. You feel yourself EXPANDING, you stand TALLER, you PAINT yourself BRIGHTER and you GLOW.


I am smack in the middle of MY moment.  I KNOW…and it all starts NOW… consciously creating MY CREATIVE LIFE.  I am sharing that TRANSFORMATION so that you also get to know your MAGIC, and you get to move to your MUSIC. I am sharing my moments of INSPIRATION so that you can also hear the BEAT of your own CREATION, of YOUR OWN HEART… and know that in this moment, we hold each others’ hearts in each others’ hands.

THIS is MY moment!



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