The new fairytale…love of self

Same Frog, Two Stories!


This is a drawing I did in 2007.  At the time, I was thinking along the lines of ‘How many frogs do I have to kiss?’.  My youngest daughter wasn’t even born (I still had yet to meet her Dad) and my oldest daughter was 6 six years old.  I was a single mother wondering who would walk into my life next.  I missed the company, the attention, the support (emotional, financial, spiritual) and thought I would find it ‘out there’.

Six years later, I look at the same picture and I see something COMPLETELY different!  I am looking into the mirror of my soul.  I am still parenting on my own (this time two daughters) and a few relationships have come and gone, but the curse of the ‘single’ mother is broken.  Single or not, many women grew up to think that Prince Charming would show up to save us and take us to the life we deserved.  The Princess no longer needs to be saved.  She needs to save herself!

This picture has now become a symbol of LETTING GO of what no longer serves and reminds me that it never had anything to do with how many frogs to kiss (or kissing frogs all together).  It had everything to do with loving who I really am for what I really am for the REAL magic to begin.  Just because someone or something shows up at your door doesn’t mean it’s for you.  Knowing you have a CHOICE as to who or what you let in…now THAT is empowering!

Like the lotus rising from the muddy water at her feet, when we hold ourselves and others to a higher standard, the magic of the COMPASSION and the LOVE we give ourselves transforms who we are, what we want to say, how we want to say it…and the relationships that enter into our lives reflect just that.  It took a dive back into my CREATIVE SELF to transform the princess, NOT the frog!

What has your Creative Self done for you?

Nathalie xoxo


4 thoughts on “The new fairytale…love of self

  1. Karen, very true. I prefer the beauty marks and the freckles! Not to say that’ warts’ are not worth loving of course! However, knowing the difference between the benign or malignant and recognizing what can heal and grow and what poisons….a whole life chapter in itself!
    Thank you 🙂


  2. J’aime le cheminement que je vois chez toi en lisant ce texte. La réalisation que c’est nous qui détenons la clé de notre bonheur et non pas la mettre dans les mains d’un autre.


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