Creative Muse


Mixed Media by Nathalie Dignard, 8 x 10 canvas board

16 months… 20 posts! This is HUGE for an introvert like me!  Stepping into the light and letting all these bold and vibrant colours hang out for the world to see means being fully committed to my art and to the art of being ME. Peeling away the layers or adding on to the ones already there, I became my own muse. It turns out that working my way through the most challenging years of my life while reaching for my paint brushes (and whatever else I could find) was the best thing that happened to me.

Working through the layers on a canvas is like unraveling the layers of the soul. It’s a way to learn to speak my truth and to reconnect to the essence of who I really am. Like it is in life, no creative layer exists without the layer that precedes it. Every brush stroke counts, and so does every breath.

I am beauty into the world, even when I feel ugly (there will always be ugly layers AND ugly days!).  I am perfect in my imperfections (it ads depth and character!).  I am here to be inspired, to transform and to bring beauty into the world.  I love the new world that opens up when you have the courage to dance on your stage, your way… or when you have the courage to pick up your art supplies again!

Be your muse!

What was your 20th blog post about?  How did it feel?  Share the link in the comments below and let’s celebrate!


5 thoughts on “Creative Muse

  1. I hope you Stay in the light! As you’ve asked my 20th post was a doozie all about attempting to bounce back from a creative rut…. Wasn’t my first I’m sure it won’t be my last but I’m learning to shift my focus to quieter activities and to just enjoy the solitude that brings! Thanks for asking 🙂


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