Let the World See You | Art for Sale

Let the World See You

Artwork by Nathalie Dignard

“For the world to really see you, you must have the courage to first see yourself.”

Let the World See You

Each work of art is a story that unfolds.  I like to think about each one of us in the same way, as an unfolding work of art.  Our shared stories in one form or another let us experience each other in our dance with life.  When the real story of how we come to be can be revealed through the intricate layers that make up the art of who we are, we can truly connect.  However, before the world can really see you, you must have the courage to see yourself first.  What if when going through hard times and feeling like crawling deep down into a cave into the world unseen, you risked being seen even more? Risking being seen for your beautiful colours, flaws and all.

Letting Go

I had the courage to share this painting above as part of my talk in front of an amazing group of people during a Rock the Stage weekend event with Karen McGregor last year.  By far, the gutsiest thing I’d ever done in a long time.  Talk about letting the world see you!  I found myself ‘on stage’ lip syncing and dancing to I forget what song it was.  The rocker chick inside my head was set free and I even got to impersonate my inner gorilla that same weekend!  It was a vulnerable piece at the time, I was still raw and wasn’t ready to part with it then but now I set if free.

Unique Symbols

This mixed media painting is vibrant with life and it’s symbols all bring you back to the freedom of being completely YOU.  The symbols are all unique to the journey and change as you grow.  Mine often reflects the natural world.

Feathers – In this piece, the white feathers were a surprise.  They showed up as guides to the next level.  I was finding my voice again and had a hard look at myself and the way I wanted my life to go moving forward.  Surely the wisdom acquired during that last life overhaul could serve the world somehow?

Butterflies – Celebrating a period of intense inner-work and transformation are the golden and red butterflies fluttering about.  They speak of vitality and creative expression and carry a very unique message to each of us.

Spirals – Symbols of learning and growing on your spiritual journey, so many elements of nature contain the beautiful spirals.

White Circles – Represent wholeness, the circle of life and also a colour of new beginnings.


Let the World See You by Nathalie Dignard

“16 x 20” mixed media on canvas (slim, unframed)



Use the contact form below for details or if you have any questions.  Shipping not included in price. Commission and Co-Creations are also available.  Remember to sign up for this blog to receive inspiration and updates right to your email.




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