Whatever it takes to create

(Not so random creative ramblings I found scribbled in a sketchbook -creative seeds were planted!)

November 29, 2012

I am excited about my story
All the pieces are here
Fleeting animal spirits
The layering of the seasons of life…
Of self…
Of generations…

The opportunity is you
Right where you are
To inspire and be inspired
Offer it to others
It is within you to give always

Your purpose is revealed through you
The voice that speaks to you
The ‘secrets’ you keep
That is the gift to share…
To give to the world…
To yourself

When they come to play
Listen with all your heart
And do whatever it takes
Pay attention

Your turn!

Are you paying attention to your creative whispers? What are they saying? Do something, anything, to honour them today. Who knows what they will reveal two years from now, or by the end of the day even.

Share it in the comments below!


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